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Successful product development is the life blood of any company. It’s the driver of long term growth and profitability. Organizations are facing immense challenges improving time to market and delivering new products in a predictable way. Charles River’s experienced team of engineers has a long track record of successfully bringing new products to life.


How Charles River helps


Our service offering includes:

  • Concept development – New product development is a process that starts with an idea and ends with a product specification. Concept development is the bridge between those points that entails technology selection, modeling, prototyping and testing.  
  • New Product Development – Integrating industrial design, mechanical design, electrical design and software in an efficient way is the key task of product development. Design, testing and most importantly, documentation are the necessary processes for a successful product launch.
  • Device to enable services – The explosion of connected devices opens opportunities for services that are enabled by those devices. With it comes the complexity of connectivity, security, device management, commissioning and usability.
  • Product sourcing – The globalization of supply chains enables faster speed to market if the technology already exists.  Writing specifications and product testing are key activities that can make sourcing a solution optimal.
  • Cost savings – As products mature, the drive to reduce costs increases. New manufacturing technologies, reducing labor, streamlining assembly and eliminating scrap and rework are ways to improve competitiveness, quality and profitability


Charles River provides engineering services in key engineering disciplines:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Embedded firmware
  • RF
  • Industrial design
  • Regulatory Compliance 
  • NI Labview / TestStand consulting



Markets we serve


  • Medical devices
  • Consumer healthcare products
  • Wireless devices


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